University Relations-Web is dedicated to promoting the positive image of WVU by providing a rich Web environment for the many groups that need access to information, with particular attention to student recruitment.

Please send any comments to web_services@mail.wvu.edu or a member of the University Relations-Web staff. We are glad to answer questions about any of the WVU Web pages. Technical help is available through the WVU Help Desk at 304-293-4444.

Website Requests

To keep up with the high demand of website requests, we are now offering a content management system (CMS) called Slate. Developed by University Relations-Web using Ruby on Rails, Slate focuses on rapid production of traditional-style websites.

Student Organizations

To request a student organization or club website in Slate, please fill out the student organization website request form. If you have questions about or need access to an existing student organization website, please contact Kim Harrison at kim.harrison@mail.wvu.edu.


To request a department website in Slate, please fill out the website request form. You will be contacted by University Relations-Web to complete additional information depending on the nature of your request.