Image Guidelines

The following guidelines should be employed in creating effective, consistent content for official University Web sites.

West Virginia University Logos

Special care should be taken in preparing images for WVU Web sites. The official University image is trademarked and its depiction is regulated. The following options are available to properly indicate West Virginia University’s ownership of its trademarks:

Option 1
When the following trademarks are used together, the Flying WV and the words West Virginia University, place the at the lower right corner after University.

Option 2
When the Flying WV trademark stands alone, place the at the lower right corner of the trademark.

Option 3
OR you may use this statement in place of 1 or 2:

The indicia depicted are registered trademarks of West Virginia University.

For more information on these regulations and how to make sure your site is in compliance, please visit the Office of Trademark Licensing. Web authors for official University sites should consult and adhere to the regulations described therein when designing their own images.

General Images

The following general guidelines should be considered to ensure consistent and reliable display of images for official WVU Web sites.

Images with picture elements, should be saved as .jpg. Images with flat color elements, should be saved in .gif format. Both image types should adhere to the RGB color specification.

Image resolution for the Web should be 72 dpi. The color palette should be reduced to the minimum number of colors necessary to maintain image quality. The editors ‘Save for Web’ or similar feature should be utilized if available. Image backgrounds should be closely cropped; avoid large image backgrounds that match the background color/image of the containing page.

Image file size should be considered very carefully. Pages targeted at prospective students and other other home users should avoid graphically intensive displays to ensure quick page load and response times.

Web-ready versions of some common WVU logos are available under Official Graphics.